Transformational life coach

I stand by my own motto.
” If you believe, you will and can become whatever you want to be, passion, drive, self believe, self-love, confidence, hardworking, good health and good mind set will bring you a path of joy and fulfilment. “

About Me

Hi and welcome to my embrace your growth journey my name is Pantelitsa but feel free to call me Lisa I’m a transformational life coach. Here is a bit about myself and my journey to becoming a life coach and the reason why.

I started at the age of 15 working behind the scenes of the fashion industry in the distribution side, as my path unfolded in front of me I have dipped my hand in many industries but my main career was in the catering industry and management sector. From the age of 22 till the age of 39 I have worked behind the scenes and front of house in catering, but my passion became in training, development and creating leaders.

Throughout my life I have developed, trained and mentored some of the most amazing individuals I came across. Although I had created a good life and fulfilment I was not yet satisfied as I felt the need to want help others but felt I was limiting myself.

At the age of 39 I decided to take a leap of faith and take a career break I felt it was time to focus on me and truly find my purpose although I still wanted to make an impact in people’s life.

So many jobs crossed my mind and it wasn’t until a dear friend said to me, you want to help people, have short impact in there life and you want your day to be different everyday so why don’t you become a Uber driver you got the personality and it’s the place people like to open up too and talk about there day and problems with. Something clicked at that point it made a lot of sense so I decided to flip a coin Uber driver or undecided.

I would say it was fate Uber driver it was, so I began the process but needed to work still, so I got a job as shift leader in a restaurant just to tick me over. I became an Uber driver after 8 Months of studying day and night and keeping full time job. I was full time Uber driver and it felt amazing. A new adventure for me, the unknown, and everyday was truly different and made me feel very humble and at peace with myself. It was the break I needed until I figured out my purpose.

I guess I knew in some ways I wanted to be a life coach. I had these conversations with many people who I helped in areas in their lives I just wasn’t ready yet so I set myself a task, while I’m driving people around London what better why to see how effective and helpful I can be with my clients who are a complete stranger to me. I have met amazing people throughout my life but none better than the strangers I have in my car everyday but also now I can call some friends. After many conversations over two years of driving it came apparent the desire to become a life coach was getting stronger and my decision was becoming clear and my purpose was clear in my mind and so my journey began.

Why Transformational Life Coach


Nothing give me the pleasure and honour to help someone embrace there growth. There is this feeling of happiness and emotions that I can’t describe and I find myself smile with tears of joy that I helped someone on their path, there truly isn’t enough words to describe this feeling. It’s just overwhelming and grateful that I could.

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Studied at the school of animas transformational life coaching.